Volkswagen expands the portfolios of all its brands in an attempt to become he world’s top-selling automaker.

Audi, VW, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and Bugatti, are all competing against each other in new segments in the following years. Each automaker will challenge the others with cars manufactured on cost-effective group platforms. Volkswagen aims at developing and manufacturing more vehicles for the US, beginning with the Passat, which will be produced at a new plant in Chattanooga, followed by a mid-sized crossover.

Audi prepares the A3 sedan, manufactured mainly for the US market, Porsche will introduce the Macan crossover, which is smaller than the Cayenne, and will further expand the Panamera family. The luxury brands Lamborghini and Bentley are also expected to add new crossovers developed primarily for the United States.

Although Volkswagen is seriously taking into consideration the electric vehicles, it is very careful with its next model to be developed. Just like BMW, its German rival, Audi will add to its portfolio a plug-in electric vehicle, with the R8 e-tron debuting this year. By the end of this year VW will introduce the plug-in hybrid Jetta and in 2013 an electric Golf.


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