Volkswagen Golf and CC leaks are both true and false image

This is a case of split personality decision apparently, but things can be easily explained – we hope – bear with us to find out what is going on with the big series of Volkswagen leaks.

This past week has been great for Volkswagen fans – they got to see the they actually represent an accurate depiction of the two models. This is after people doubted these were legit – and the rumor mill has now found out that the folks over at MQB-Coding & Retrofit had the chance to play around with the unreleased VW firmware for the Golf’s Discover Pro infotainment system.

There they encountered a series of digital images showing the Golf hatchback in its standard tune, as well as the more interesting GTI version and the most practical member of the family, the Golf Variant. After those findings, a resident digital artist decided to recreate the Golf lineup in a series of renders. And the same happened all over again with the second generation 2018 CC – which is why we can say the renders are not coming from the company but they do reflect the real, upcoming models. Of course, with the Golf being put out fairly quickly in the next few months we can expect these renders to be exactly on par – but things could change with the CC which is still in development.

Via MQB-Coding & Retrofit