There’s a reason why the Golf has been ubiquitously associated with the compact class for decades – and one interesting take is the fun hot hatch versions created an iconic spirit.

For sure there will be an entire online debate between fans and so-called “haters” if the new Golf GTI Clubsport is actually worth the asking price of €36, 450 but the honest truth is it will be dependent on the owner’s experience behind the wheel on the streets and around the track. Statistically, the new GTI Clubsport version is smack in the middle between the €29,300 standard GTI and the hardcore €39,000 R model. Anyways, if you pay an extra €900 you can even have it as a 5-door, even packing internet, blind-spot monitoring and park assist. By the way, 2016 is also cause for celebration as the Golf GTI turns 40 years old.

So, this Golf GTI Clubsport may be counted as Edition 40 – if we take on the nomenclature of the Mk5-based Editon 30 from a decade ago or the 2011 Edition 35 – both of them now regular collectors’ items. The GTI Clubsport boasts the 2.0 TSI churning out 265 horsepower and if you hit the throttle hard the bonus overboost feature that will make your vehicle display 290 ponies. There’s a mechanical limited-slip differential and as such the 0 to 100 km/h will be safely handled in 5.9 seconds if you go for the DSG automatic. Inside the cabin the immediate giveaways will be the Alcantara D-shaped steering wheel with red stitching and the sport bucket seats with stripes.



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