Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion does 1,602km with one fuel tank image

The seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf, in the TDI BlueMotion variant, has managed to travel for 1,602 km on a single tank of fuel.

Another impressive achievement has been made in the diesel class and the “hero” this time is the Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion, which managed to travel for a 1,602 km (995 mile) trip, covering the Nantes, France to Copenhagen, Denmark, distance with a single tank of fuel. The test was called “Think Blue. Eco Ride.”, and it was supervised by vehicle inspection company DEKRA. The VW Golf TDI BlueMotion averaged a fuel consumption of just 2.92L / 100 km (80.5 mpg US) and the figure was reached in normal traffic over 20 hours and 45 minutes of driving time.

The Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion has a more aerodynamic body than its regular brothers, with partially closed air inlet screen, a masked front grille, a roof spoiler, an optimized cooling system flow, later air guide elements on the rear window, a battery regeneration system on the stop/start technology, longer gear ratio and low-rolling resistance tires. Power is being provided by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder TDI turbo diesel engine, producing 110 HP (81 kW) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque, available between 1,500 rpm and 3,000 rpm.