Volkswagen Golf TDI Clean Diesel sets its personal Guinness World Record image

The Volkswagen Golf TDI Clean Diesel has become the lowest fuel consumption car in the United States.

Just a few days ago, we have met the powered by a diesel engine, which managed to establish a new Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency after traveling all 24 EU contiguous countries with an average fuel consumption of just 2.82 liters / 100 km (100.31 mpg UK / 83.4 mpg US) and now time has come to talk about a rival, the Volkswagen Golf TDI Clean Diesel, which has managed to take down the Guinness World Record for the lowest fuel consumption in the United States.

“Covering 8,233.5 miles on just 101.43 gallons of Clean Diesel fuel is a remarkable accomplishment, and solid proof of the efficiency and fuel economy of Volkswagen’s TDI® Clean Diesel vehicles,” said Michael Horn, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “Whether on a long road trip, or even in daily commuting, the great mileage and long range of our TDI models is a pure convenience factor that few other vehicles on sale can match. It’s a simple formula: Less Stop, More Go!”

The model has managed to “eat up” an average of 2.89 liters of fuel every 100 km (97.48 mpg UK / 81.17 mpg US) and it has improved the previous record by more than 3 mpg, beating the hybrid record by more than 6 mpg. Behind the wheel of the car was Wayne Gerdes, an automotive journalist, along with Bob Winger, an electronics engineer. The two of them travelled for 13,250 km (8,234 miles) around the United States and the process has used 295 USD of fuel.