Volkswagen Golf VII rendered image

The new generation of the popular Volkswagen hatch, the Golf VII, has been placed in the spotlights recently after an important automotive magazine has decided to release a photo which might preview the future model.

According to Car and Driver, the new generation of the VW Golf is expected to be more efficient, more agile and lighter than the current sixth generation of the model and all of these will be possible thanks to an entirely new architecture named MQB, German for Modularer Querbaukasten, which stands for modular transverse platform.

The new platform is expected to be used throughout the Volkswagen Group and it will help the German based automaker to cut down some production costs which will be highlighted into the vehicles’ prices in the end.

The VW Golf VII will most likely come with premium-class technologies, dual-clutch transmissions and the engines will be developing up to 300 horsepower, while its future customers will have a wide variety of choices to make such as hybrid or electric versions and a level of material quality unknown to this vehicle segment.

Sadly this is all the details we have on the new generation of the Volkswagen Golf but the German based automaker might make a surprise move and present its Golf VII during a major automotive show sometimes next year.