Volkswagen Group added 100,000 new jobs in 2011, bringing the total to 500,000 image

The Volkswagen Group has increased its global workforce by 100, 000 employees this year, the company announced.

The growth in employee numbers is the result of the integration of new companies and the creation of 28,000 new jobs worldwide. At the end of November, the group employed no fewer than 500,000 people, including more than 12,000 apprentices.

“Once again, Volkswagen is a powerful motor for employment. Our cars generate enthusiasm among our customers. We are creating jobs, making considerable investments in new employees and securing the future of the Group,” said Dr. Horst Neumann, Volkswagen AG board member for human resources.

Of the 28,000 new jobs, 7,000 were created in Germany, 11,000 in other European countries and 10,000 outside Europe, especially in China, India and the U.S. The recruits included experienced personnel as well as recent school-leavers and university graduates. All in all, Volkswagen recruited 11,000 university graduates and apprentices in 2011, including 3,100 graduates and 2,500 apprentices in Germany.

In addition to the new recruitments, Volkswagen has also grown through acquisitions of new companies. On March 1, VW AG bought Porsche Holding Salzburg, with about 20,000 employees, and on November 9 MAN (50,000 employees) joined the group. In Germany, the Volkswagen Group employs 220,000 people at the end of November 2011, while its global workforce reached 500,000 employees.