Volkswagen Group deliveries reach 7.5 million vehicles in the first 10 months of the year image

The Volkswagen Group achieved a 10.2 percent increase in worldwide deliveries from January to October 2012, handing over 7.50 million vehicles to customers.

The result is an all-time record for the January to October period. In October alone, the Volkswagen Group recorded a 14.6 percent rise, with 788,700 units. “The Volkswagen Group developed very well in October. We again put in a strong performance in North America, China and also Russia. However, market uncertainty continues, particularly in Western Europe”, said Christian Klinger, VW Group board member for sales.

In North America, VW Group delivered 681,200 vehicles (+25.4 percent) in the first 10 months of the year, of which 481,100 units were delivered in the U.S. In South America, deliveries reached 842,200 vehicles (+8.4 percent) during the same period, of which 644,000 were delivered to Brazil.

In the Asia-Pacific region, VW delivered 2.56 million vehicles (+19 percent), of which 2.26 million went to China. In Europe, VW delivered 3.10 million vehicles (+0.9 percent), of which over 1.57 million to Western Europe (excluding Germany). In Germany, VW Group deliveries reached 994,500 units (+3.5 percent), while in Central and Eastern Europe deliveries reached 534,600 units (+21.1 percent). Almost half of these sales went to Russia, with 262,200 deliveries (+46.7 percent).

Of the total number of deliveries, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand accounted for 4.72 million units (+11.2 percent). Audi delivered 1.22 million cars (+12.9 percent), Skoda 795,100 (+7.2 percent), Seat 265,200 (-9.8 percent), Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 455,400 (+5 percent) and Porsche 34,500 units (from August to October).