Volkswagen Group global deliveries up 14.9 percent in January image

The Volkswagen Group posted a 14.9 percent increase in deliveries for January which totaled 749,900 vehicles.

Deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region rose as a result of the special situation in China. VW Group delivered 326,200 (+39.7 percent) new vehicles in the region in January, of which 298,300 (+43.3 percent) were handed over to Chinese customers. As a result of the later date set for the Chinese New Year, deliveries in January were noticeably higher than for the same month last year. However, this effect will be reversed in February. In India, the company delivered 7,800 (-17.1 percent) vehicles to customers in January.

In the North America region Volkswagen Group handed over 62,600 (+17.0 percent) vehicles to customers in January, of which 42,700 (+16.2 percent) units were delivered in the United States, the region’s largest single market. Europe’s biggest carmaker delivered 77,300 (-0.9 percent) vehicles to customers in the South America region, of which 55,400 (+6.2 percent) were handed over in Brazil, the region’s largest market.

On the overall European market the Volkswagen Group handed over 252,200 (-3.0 percent) vehicles to customers, of which 138,100 (-4.4 percent) units were delivered in the Western Europe region (excluding Germany). In Central and Eastern Europe, deliveries during the same period ran at 40,200 (-2.9 percent) units. In the home market of Germany the Volkswagen Group handed over 73,900 (-0.2 percent) vehicles.

Brandwise, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered over 491,900 (+17.4 percent) units in January, while Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles handed over 37,900 (-4.0 percent) light commercial vehicles in January.

Premium brand Audi handed over 111,800 (+16.3 percent) vehicles in January, while sports car manufacturer Porsche delivered a total of 12,100 vehicles. Skoda handed over 69,500 (-7.8 percent) units, with SEAT delivering 25,900 (+19.1 percent) vehicles worldwide in January.