Volkswagen Group Global sales up 15.3 percent in November image

VW Ag., on Friday said that total group sales worldwide have grew further in the period January to November, with the Group handing over 7.51 (January – November 2010: 6.59; 13.9 percent) million vehicles to customers.

In November only, the German automaker has delivered 711,400 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 15.3 percent compared to the November 2010.

Volkswagen, who is on track to become world’s largest automaker by 2018 said Europe remains the largest market for company and therefore continued to outperform the world market ( 5.3 percent). The Germans handed over a total of 3.38 (3.04; 11.0 percent) million vehicles to customers in the period to November.

On its domestic market, Germany, the VW Group has sold 1.06 million vehicles, up 11.7 percent compared to November 2010. The Group brands again recorded high growth in Central and Eastern Europe, where customers took delivery of 494,800 (382,800; 29.3 percent) vehicles.

In North America, where the Passat is a finalist for the “Car of the Year” award the company delivered 398,800 vehicles from January to November, up 22.5 percent (325,600– Jan – Nov 2010).

The Volkswagen Group delivered 855,500 (802,600; 6.6 percent) vehicles to customers in the South America region during the same period.

In the Asia / Pacific region, the VW Group has delivered 2.39 (2.02; 18.3 percent) million vehicles in November of which 2.11 (1.82; 15.5 percent) million units were delivered in China, the largest single market.
The Company reported continued strong growth in India, handing over 100,600 (44,600; 125.4 percent) units to customers there.