Volkswagen Group sales on the rise in January image

After suffering its first full-year drop in 2015 and a 5 percent decrease in December, Volkswagen Group sales returned to growth in January, helped by the Chinese market positive results.

Volkswagen reported a month ago that the auto sales at its multi-brand group declined in 2015 by 2 percent, for the first time since 2002, as a result of the weakening results from its passenger-car division. However, despite the ongoing diesel crisis, the demand returned to growth for the first month of 2016. The German 12-brand Group delivered more vehicles in January compared to the prior year, handing over 847,800 models to customers, marking a 3.7 percent climb. Developments on the overall Chinese market at the start of the year were particularly positive, with market growth running at around twelve percent. Volkswagen’s brands put up an even stronger performance, up by 13.9 percent, delivering 400,000 models and thus making January a record month.

The situation in the Americas was more challenging. The company sold 61,100 vehicles in the North America region in the first month of the year, of which 36,400 units were handed over to customers in the United States, 7.0 percent lower than a year ago, where the sales stop for several models with diesel engines had a major impact on figures. The tense economic climate of the South American region pushed down the demand by 32.2 percent, while Europe was slightly positive, up 1.8 percent, to 292,000 units. Deliveries of VW-branded vehicles were up 2.8 percent last month at 521,400 around the world, driven by a 15.4 percent jump in China, while all other regions reported negative results.