Volkswagen Group sales rise by 13.8 percent in the first ten months image

Volkswagen Group reported double-digit growth in the first ten months of 2011, with the company delivering 6.8 million vehicles worldwide, an increase of 13.8 percent over the same period in 2010. In October alone, the company reported sales of 688,000, up 12.4 percent over the same month last year.

The group reported its highest growth in North America, delivering 543,000 units, a 21.5 percent increase. 360,500 of these vehicles were sold in the United Stated alone.

The South America region reported a rise of 8 percent, with deliveries amounting to 777,200 vehicles. Also on the rise was the Asia / Pacific region, with 2.15 million units sold (+17.6 percent). The vast majority of the sales in this region went to China, the largest single market for the Volkswagen Group (1.89 million units, up 14.8 percent).

In Europe, VW delivered 3.07 million cars, up 10.7 percent over January-October 2010, with the largest local market being Germany, at 960,800 units (+11.8 percent). Central and Eastern Europe clients bought 441,400 vehicles, a remarkable 28.5 percent growth.

Of the total 6.8 million cars sold, 4.24 million (+12.1 percent) belonged to the Volkswagen brand. Audi came next with 1.08 million units (+18 percent), with third place going to Skoda, with 741,800 units (up 16.2 percent). SEAT sold 294,000 vehicles worldwide in the first ten months, rising 3.2 percent. Finally, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reported sales of 433,600 units (+24.3 percent).