Volkswagen is looking after the CNG market in Europe image

The German automaker is looking deeper into the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) auto market, especially on the Old Continent, where its diesels still rule consumer preference.

The carmaker has recently inked a joint declaration of intent with CNG filling stations and gas networks to support the expansion of CNG usage in Europe. Initially the strategy will focus on Germany, aiming to raise CNG fleet vehicle usage to 1 million cars by 2025. To support the increase, the brand will support the initiative that aims to more than double the number of CNG filling stations from 900 to 2,000 during that time. They will also have a wide scope – cars and trucks, as well as public transportation in major cities. And besides Germany, the initiative will also promote CNG throughout Europe.

“Due to its purview, Volkswagen Group recognizes its considerable social responsibility with regard to the energy revolution,” comments Ulrich Eichorn, Volkswagen’s chief of research and development. “Its short-term availability makes natural gas an important component of our overall strategy for eco-friendly mobility of the future. Owing to the addition of methane from renewable resources, the propellant can gradually become even greener.” Of course, VW would have remained satisfied with the levels of CNG usage if it weren’t for Dieselgate. Natural gas is cleaner by far compared to gasoline or diesel, and with the fuel being readily available thanks to new production techniques, there’s a good case for it.