Volkswagen is teasing us with some Polo metal before official reveal image

We’re drawing near to the official reveal date of the next generation VW Polo and we’re actually not jumping with joy – as there’s no braking news to discuss, just the same old Polo in slightly newer clothes.

But of course, Volkswagen is pretty proud of the fact that it manages to come up with completely new cars (or so they say) that will easily be mistaken by anyone to be the older generation. It’s a practice that actually paid off and more and more automakers are adopting it – even outside the confines of the VW Group. The highly popular model in the subcompact class is just about ready to hit its sixth generation, and this latest teaser is showing quite a bit of the new model’s styling. We get to see a great deal of the side profile, with a personality crease running the length – and since we’re dealing with more than just one picture we also have a good look at the grille, as well as the headlight and taillight assemblies.

The Polo adopts the Golf facelift and Arteon’s Turmeric Yellow paint, and judging by the size of the rear door we can now almost safely confirm the supermini has indeed grown in size. The model adopts the special version of the MQB flexible platform shared with the latest Seat Ibiza, meaning it will have a longer wheelbase and better interior space for both passengers and their cargo. We can bet the Polo is sharing the powertrains with the Ibiza, but could also deliver some surprises of its own to warrant somebody’s choice over the Spanish cousin.

Der neue Volkswagen Polo: erster Ausblick