Volkswagen Is The World’s Largest Automaker image

Year-to-date sales reports by manufacturer now list Volkswagen ( including Porsche ) as the world’s largest automaker. So far for 2009, Volkswagen has a combined sales tally of 4.4 million units – 400,000 ahead of Toyota.
However this advantage of almost 11% was possible because sales have been driven by government-run incentive programs in Europe, and many those programs have now ended.
Vw sales also have been helped by the launch of new Golf and Polo models and the BlueMotion Range , with sales of these up 54.1 per cent and 56.2 per cent respectively.

Its Skoda brand has enjoyed particular success in Germany so far this year, with Fabia sales up 92.4 per cent in the same period and Octavia sales up 20.4 per cent.