Volkswagen Jetta CC is under consideration image

The German based automaker Volkswagen is planning to develop a new CC model, which might be based on the current Jetta.

Even if there is no official word on the subject from Volkswagen, rumors are saying that a smaller CC is under consideration, and the model which sits right below the Passat is the Jetta, and after the car manufacturer has officially announced that the Golf CC will make its way onto the market soon, a new four-door coupe is getting ready to be launched and the Jetta will most likely be chosen for this.

“Our research suggests there is increasingly a market for a sportier and more stylish version of the Jetta in the mould of the CC only smaller and more affordable. From the feedback, we’ve received so far buyers want individual body style and the practicality of four doors”, as a Volkswagen source recently told

Rumors say that the upcoming Volkswagen Jetta CC will ride on the same new MQB platform, the same one which underpins the all-new Audi A3 and also the same one on which the future Golf generation, including the CC version, will be developed. The all-new Volkswagen Jetta CC will hit the market as a 2015 model year in 2014 and more details on it will be announced close to its presentation.