Volkswagen Kombi production to be ended after 63 years image

Volkswagen has recently announced its plans to end production of the Kombi model (T2 in Brazil) after 63 years because of the new safety regulations.

The Volkswagen Kombi has been produced in Brazil since 1950 and the model will leave the assembly line on the 31st of December, 2013, after a long 63-year production. The decision was taken because of the new safety legislation which will be implemented in 2014, which says that all cars sold in Brazil might have standard ABS, along with a driver and passenger airbag.

According to the Volkswagen of Brazil product development chief, Egon Feichter, the Volkswagen Kombi has to become a new car in order to meet these new requirements so the model will leave the assembly line next year, on the 31st of December. The Kombi being replaced with a new car is expected to be impossible mainly because of its price. The German based automaker Volkswagen says that 251 units of the nine-seater vehicle are being produced every day at the company’s Anchieta plant in Sao Paulo for the South American market.

Source: autocar

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    its sad to see it go ,