Volkswagen looking to head the mobility revolution with its new IT experts image

Seriously tousled following the Dieselgate scandal, the Volkswagen Group is in no way giving up its dreams of world automotive dominance – so hiring an army of IT experts is actually a reasonable move.

Over the upcoming three years, the Volkswagen group will look to recruit experts from numerous domains, including the all-mighty gaming industry, in a bid to enhance its Digital Lab in Berlin that was inaugurated mere months ago. It will now enhance its IT ranks by adding more than 1,000 specialists in the Information Technology domain, with many of them coming from high-tech sectors and top-level research. No less than half will be working directly at the main IT organization at the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. Others will be spread at the IT labs in Berlin, Munich, and Wolfsburg where they will work in various fields such as connectivity, Industry 4.0, big data, the Internet of things, virtual reality, and mobility services.

“People who want to shape the future of mobility are coming to Volkswagen. We are tackling the major challenges of the future with the best people: digitalization, software development, E-mobility, autonomous driving and mobility services,” commented Karlheinz Blessing, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Group, in charge of Human Resources. VW is seemingly looking towards the future, and we can bet upcoming models will be heavily packed with technology.