VW Ag said Wednesday that Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand (VW vehicles only) sales increased 10.5 percent to over 1.36 million vehicles for the first time in the first quarter of a year.

In addition the German automaker said the brand also posted a new delivery record of 536, 600 (March 2011: 468,100; +14.6 percent) units for the month of March – thus handing over more than half a million vehicles to customers in a single month for the first time.

In Germany, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 149,000 (141,500; +5.3 percent) vehicles to customers, in United States 94,400 (+40.8%) while in China (incl. Hong Kong) the Germans sold 483,400 vehicles + 12.5 percent.

As expected, in Western Europe (excluding Germany) sales dropped to 232,600 vehicles -3.7 percent. However, deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe rose by a substantial 61.8 percent to 60,200 (37,200) vehicles.

Other markets:
Russia: 35,800 vehicles +113.1 percent
Southern Europe: 441,800 vehicles +5.1 percent
Asia / Pacific region: 540,600 vehicles + 13.7 percent
North America: 135,700 vehicles +27.6 percent
South America: 190,400 units +3.9 percent


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