Because of the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has embarked on a new plan of establishing a $2 billion rapid charger network program that will see new EV chargers installed in 15 cities and cross-country highways.

The $15 billion settlement Volkswagen signed with the US authorities due to the Dieselgate scandal has also included a provision to spend $2 billion investing in electric vehicles, with a focus on charging infrastructure. Now the game plan for the specific investments in this department has been revealed, with the catchy name of “Electrify America”. “We will build a nationwide network of workplace, community, and highway chargers that are convenient and reliable. Our investment will enable millions of American to discover the benefits of electric driving,” reads the official memo from the automaker.

No less than 300 charging stations – including fast chargers – in 15 metropolitan areas across the country are to be installed, with a cross-country network of at least another 200 rapid charging stations. The locations vary from apartment and office buildings, retail outlets, to parking lots. Populated urban areas and heavily-trafficked cross-country highways will be the main focus in the first phases and VW aims to kick off construction work sometime next year. At the end, the plan also includes a “Green City” initiative in an unknown Californian city that will become the birthplace of “sustainable mobility” concepts.



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