The German based automaker Volkswagen is apparently planning to develop a four-seat version of the impressive XL1, which should be introduced soon.

I’m pretty sure you all remember the ultra frugal Volkswagen XL1 which had a whopping selling price a few months back and it seems that the car manufacturer hasn’t forgotten all about it either, as the company is now planning to develop a four-seat version of the model. The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet, but according to the guys over at Autocar, the model in question should be called the VW XL2 and it should weigh 140 kg more than the XL1, because of the extended center cell, rear doors, larger battery and two added doors.

According to our source, the upcoming Volkswagen XL2 might also get hinged rear doors and its two-cylinder 800cc diesel unit, with 48 HP, might get a bump in power, along with the 27 HP electric motor, which is believed to get the same treatment, in order to compensate with the additional weight. The Volkswagen XL2 will however be slightly slower than the XL1 but the company is expected to maintain the impressive fuel consumption number of 0.9 L / 100 km (313 mpg UK / 261 mpg US).


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