Volkswagen Plans Major Production Boost by 2018 image

Volkswagen Group plans a healthy production boost, increasing the production locations to 100 until 2018.

The company is already searching for the perfect location to open a North American Audi factory, plans to launch production in Southeast Asia, and expand in China.

Taking over MAN, Germany’s biggest truck maker, already added 31 factories to the existing VW’s 62.

The company also plans to increase annual production with 10 million units by 2018.

“VW will not close European factories in Europe, which is home to 39 of its 62 global vehicle and components plants. Just the opposite – our German and European production locations are and will remain the backbone of our global success. That’s why we are deliberately investing in new technology and capacity there,” declared the automaker’s production chief, Michael Macht.

VW has 30,000 suppliers, from which 6,000 are core suppliers, and 500,000 workers in production that produce 200 models for VW’s 10 brands. 2011 brought 42 new models and for this year we expect other 49 new products.

“With our groupwide production strategy and by maintaining strict discipline in implementing our modular platforms strategy, we will master this Herculean task,” Macht said.