Volkswagen Polo Cross and Skoda Fabia Scout launched in China image

The German based automaker Volkswagen and its Czech sub-brand Skoda have recently released the Polo Cross and the Fabia Scout in China where the two vehicles will be sold more expensive compared to the standard versions.

Weird looking cars are apparently what everyone in China needs and after the two manufacturers have fitted some black plastic below the vehicles and raised the suspension by a few inches, the models have received some new names and with their Dakar rally race ready looks or SUV eager to take on pot holes and large slopes in supermarket car parks, the Polo Cross and Fabia Scout will be sold at a higher cost than the standard versions. As you can see from the images below, the Volkswagen Polo Cross is based on the new Polo generation and the Skoda Fabia Scout is based on the new Fabia generation.

Following the tradition of naming everything with plastic a Scout, the new Skoda Fabia Scout will receive the same engine range as the standard version, as well as the Volkswagen Polo Cross will benefit from the same powerplants as the classic variant, with both models coming in with front-wheel drive only, so you can forget having some fun with the small vehicles off road.