Volkswagen has dropped the Polo TDI BlueMotion from its lineup due to poor sales.

The Volkswagen Polo TDI BlueMotion was the most frugal vehicle ever to be signed by the German based automaker, after the extremely expensive XL1, but this didn’t help it become a best-seller in the segment and now, more than a year after its introduction, the vehicle has been quietly dropped from the Volkswagen lineup. The announcement has been recently made by the carmaker so if you happen to be on a lookout for a small and frugal hatchback with a diesel engine, you should turn your heads towards the regular version of the Polo TDI, which is lacking some important features.

These include the blocked off front air intake, the low-profile tires and some other changes made to the body, along with the regenerative braking system. The regular version of the vehicle is 1,300 EUR cheaper than the true BlueMotion TDI model which had a starting price of just a little over 17,000 euros. The Polo TDI BlueMotion was making use of a 1.4 liter three-cylinder diesel engine, which was capable of sending a total of 74 HP (55 kW) to the front wheels, helping it burn an average of just 3.1 liters of fuel every 100 km (75.8 mpg). However, Volkswagen is continuing to offer the Polo BlueMotion with a petrol burner, a 1-liter TSI, rated at 95 HP and burning 4.1 liters of fuel. This costs 15,925 euros.


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