The German automaker is showing us lots of concepts to make us trust them they’re serious about their electric strategy commitments – though owing to the Dieselgate factor we’ll give them the approval once production cars start rolling out.

Before that happens, we do concede they are involved in all sorts of projects – alone or with partners – in a bid to emerge as one of the leaders in the green area. Volkswagen for example has quietly introduced the Gen.E research prototype – a vehicle that should deliver in a nutshell the brand’s electric future and maybe even feature as a preview for the upcoming Golf generation. VW claims the research vehicle “provides an insight into the next generation of automobiles for efficient long-distance mobility with a range of more than 249 miles (400 kilometers).” The recharge socket on the hood has two ports, suggesting fast-three phase charger capability doubled by ultra-fast DC public stations. VW is even telling us they are involved with other companies in the development of mobile charging robots that will sit in underground garages to “connect up the automobile for recharging.”

Volkswagen releases Gen.E research vehicle as possible Golf preview 5

The Gen.E concept features C-shaped LED daytime running lights and also hosts numerous radars in the front bumper as well as cameras on the windshield – probably for advanced semi-autonomous functionality. The prototype also features gullwing doors and flush door handles, as well as a wing on the rear quarter panel – along with the B-pillar it mixes to form a huge spoiler to optimize airflow. The Gen.E is also using a lightweight architecture designed for “maximum crash safety including the battery,” which is linked to an electric motor with optimized performance – though no other details have been shared.


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