The 38th Vienna Motor Symposium has a sizeable Volkswagen Group presence, with the German automaker choosing to reveal here its latest engine, a smaller member of the TGI family.

The Volkswagen Group brands already use a 1.4 TGI engine across all models built on the MQB architecture and now the company has revealed a smaller-sized companion, at the 38th Vienna Motor Symposium. Volkswagen is looking to cater to emerging markets with this particular engine, but it also says it will use it in other regions – favoring sustainable mobility with this engine that can run on compressed natural gas (CNG). The new engine is cleaner thanks to raising the catalytic converter to operating temperature very quickly – the lambda probe has an electric heating system.

Volkswagen reveals 1.0 TGI Turbo running on natural gas in Vienna 2

“Due to its chemical composition, natural gas as a fuel already reduces CO2 emissions if it comes from fossil sources. If, however, it is produced in a sustainable way, for instance as biomethane from agricultural waste, then looked at from well-to-wheel it facilitates a form of mobility that produces appreciably less CO2,” comments Wolfgang Demmelbauer-Ebner, chief of Volkswagen Petrol Engine Development. The one-liter TGI is a brother to the 1.0 TSI, a 3-cylinder with small turbo, providing in this application 90 horsepower.


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