Volkswagen has announced the introduction of the facelifted Scirocco in the United Kingdom where the model has received a base entry-level price of 20, 455 GBP.

If the Scirocco is still on your mind than you will be glad to find out that the model in question has been introduced, in its facelifted version, in the United Kingdom. According to the car manufacturer, the cheapest version of the model can be yours from 20,455 GBP. For the money, you will be getting the 1.4 liter turbocharged engine under the hood, which is rated at 125 HP, and it’s connected to a 6-speed manual transmission. The average fuel consumption stands at 52.3 mpg and the CO2 emissions at 125 g/km.

Besides the 1.4 liter unit, VW is also offering the 2.0 liter turbo, with 180 HP, replacing the 1.4L 160 HP unit, along with the 220 HP unit and the two diesels, with 150 HP and 184 HP. All engines are taken from the new Golf generation and they can be ordered with the 6-speed DSG as well. The most economical version is the 150 HP diesel which comes in at 67.2 mpg combined, but for 1,000 GBP more you can order the 184 HP unit. In the Scirocco R you will be getting 280 HP, in the same unit found on the Seat Leon Cupra. Prices for this version start from 32,295 GBP for the manual version.


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