Volkswagen secretly plans to take over Apple image

With a new CEO at Volkswagen AG, a new strategy is of course due. Last week the new chief of the German brand, Matthias Muller, announced a new strategy for the carmaker at a management meeting.

The purpose of the meeting as the German newspaper BILD stated, was to “close the ranks” of VW’s officer departments and pull them in one direction before revealing the new strategy. At the moment, VW’s leadership seems to be divided with some going in the direction of taking over Apple and the others opposed to the lunatic idea.

The last new big strategy for VW was released back in 2007 when Martin Winterkorn took over the helm of the carmaker, the Strategy 2018 involving world dominance and taking over Toyota in terms of innovation, customer satisfaction, profitability and number of units produced. The plan did not prove successful as the customer satisfaction for Volkswagen is quite at a low following the cheating emissions scandal and the profit did not reach Toyota’s as the Japanese carmaker builds 10 million cars with around half the people Volkswagen needs for the same task.

Volkswagen could manage this year to make more units sales than its rival. And if this milestone is reached, the moment would be silently celebrated as the Strategy 2018 CEO is no longer working with VW and the Strategy 2025 has new and different points to be achieved.

Muller’s new strategy for VW involves lower cost cars, flatter hierarchies, electrification, connectivity, higher profits and a fundamental change in the brand, just to sum it up. Managers who attended the meeting and chose to stay anonymous expressed a lack of enthusiasm towards Muller’s new strategy. The comments made were ironic towards taking over Apple and expressed that VW plans to sell a million of electric vehicles by 2025. What all EV lovers out there need to know is that “electrification” at Volkswagen will probably only mean mild hybrids..