Volkswagen Slovakia Takes a Two-Week Summer Break image

Volkswagen Slovakia will stop production for two weeks from July 30th for the traditional summer break.

Spokesman Vladimir Machalik said that the unit will use the summer break for maintenance of production lines and that construction of new plants will continue after the holiday. Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest carmaker, plans to boost output at the Bratislava plant to reach 400,000 units annually, with the help of the New Small Family subcompact models. Volkswagen Slovakia also manufactures the Touareg and Audi Q7 sport-utility vehicles and Porsche Cayenne bodies.

In March VW launched at its Bratislava plant production of the Volkswagen Up!, which represents 50% of the overall Up! production at the factory. The company also plans to launch production of the eco Up! with compressed natural gas engine and an electric-engine version called the e-Up! in 2013. For the manufacturing of Up! Models at the Bratislava plant Volkswagen invested €308 million and added 2,000 new employees at the facility and thousands more with suppliers.

Volkswagen, Kia and PSA Peugeot Citroen are Slovakia’s three top exports and the key to the export-reliant economy. Kia and PSA are also halting production for two weeks. Volkswagen announced that it will restart production on August 13th.