Volkswagen sold 6.11 million cars in 9 months image

The German based automaker Volkswagen is showing what success means by announcing global sales of 6.11 million cars in the first nine months of the years despite the economic crisis and stocks going down, registering a historical performance.

“We are very pleased with how our group is evolving. To deliver six million units in just nine months is a great record, responsible for achieving sales of 8 million cars later this year. We expect good sales in the last three months of the year too. We continue to keep a special focus on global development and to follow with great attention to unstable markets” said Christian Klingler, Volkswagen board member.

According to the German automaker, sales are up by 13.9 percent compared to the same January to September time of 2010 and if we are dropping the Scania truck division than Volkswagen managed to sell 5.36 million cars this year.

The Group’s sales are up by 17.3 percent compared to the same period of 2010 in Asia-Pacific, with 1.92 million cars sold, by 21.4 percent in North and South America with 700.900 cars, and by 10.8 percent in Europe to a total of 2.77 million cars.

Out of the total 6.11 million vehicles sold this year, Volkswagen has contributed with 3.81 (12.3 percent more), Audi with 973.300 units (17.4 percent more), Skoda with 664.800 units (16.8 percent more), Seat with 266.800 units (3.1 percent more) and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with 389.000 (25.5 percent more).