Volkswagen teases again its CES concept, to be named Budd.e image

The German automaker, the largest in Europe and the second biggest in the world, is looking to make a splash appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with a concept car revealed to be named Budd.e.

We were already treated to an early teaser late last year which depicted a bit of the model’s front end – which featured inspiration from the trademark vertical front end of the iconic VW van. Now the automaker has decided to hint at the name – most likely being “Budd.e”. This is most likely accurate as the moniker has already been trademarked by VW and is a direct nod to the celebrated Bulli name used in Germany to depict the original Type 2 van. In America, the classic camper has been named the Microbus or Bus – but anyway we call it the model is as iconic as the Beetle. This means we’re in for a modern iteration of the classic van and tying into the forefront nature of the Consumer Electronics Show is the detached letter that is usually hinting at an electric powertrain.

By the way, the Bulli made a modern appearance back in 2011 as a modern take on the iconic Bus and also employed an electric drivetrain – though this time around the rumor mill is trongly suggesting that Volkswagen will confirm a production model based off the upcoming Budd.e prototype. Production should be oriented towards the US market, with manufacturing taking place at VW’s factory in Puebla, Mexico – for a showroom arrival in 2017.