Volkswagen to develop 10-speed DSG transmission image

The German based automaker Volkswagen has recently announced its plans to develop a 10-speed DSG transmission, in the nearby future.

The announcement has been made by the company’s chairman, Martin Winterkorn, who has revealed some details on the future product lineup. According to the car manufacturer, Winterkorn was speaking at the Vienna Motor Symposium, when he made the announcement about the 10-speed DSG transmission.

“Areas of work being focused on by Volkswagen include the development of a high-performance diesel engine delivering 100 kW per liter of displacement and a new 10-speed dual clutch gearbox that reduces fuel consumption. Among the alternative drive systems plug-in hybrids in particular offer great potential”, says Volkswagen in its official press release.

Future models running on natural gas (CNG) are seen playing a main role in the company by Winterkorn, who also said that the carmaker has plans to “electrify all vehicle classes” in order to improve the fuel efficiency. Volkswagen will also focus on the plug-in hybrid technology. Additional details on the carmaker’s future plans, including the 10-speed DSG transmission, remain unknown for the moment.

Source: Volkswagen