Volkswagen to Release Plug-in Series From 2013 image

2013 will bring something new for the enthusiasts of Volkswagen since the group has planned to enter the volume hybrid market as Martin Winterkorn, chairman of VW has announced.

Volkswagen group will bring a series of important models along with plug-in hybrid technology that will set its entrance in 2013 to 2014. This is what Winterkorn has said to the International Vienna Motor Symposium. The series of new cars are expected to be the third-generation Audi A3 and the MK7 Golf, both of which are based on the new corporate front-drive MQB platform of Volkswagen. Winterkorn has also added that over the mid-term, plug-in hybrid will offer a great potential since it merges the best of two worlds that can be found in one vehicle.

As per the expectations of its customers, the plug-in hybrid will offer unlimited internal combustion engine performance merged with striking electric mobility that can be used for daily purposes. As part of the competition with Nissan Leaf, VK is not going to build a complete battery-powered version of the Golf, but a plug-in hybrid version will use a bigger battery pack that allows the car to pull up to 20 miles and that too on zero-emission battery power, which is enough to run for common usage.

The biggest advantage of this version is that for longer journeys this car can also utilize its conventional engine which can easily be refuelled in few minutes. A plug-in hybrid transmission is also expected to be manufactured at cheaper rate than a pure EV car that holds a large battery pack. Possibility enfolds that the MK7 hybrid Golf will get an official EU combined fuel economy that will receive more than 100mpg since the power produced by the battery pack doesn’t contribute to the official Co2 emissions of the car.

Written by Sunita Mandal