Volkswagen to stop making the Golf for days in October and December image

The company has an ongoing supplier clash which has made the main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany cease the assembly of Golf cars these past few days.

This is all due to a dispute with VW and some of its suppliers, and for now all parties are expected to resume talks today in a bid to reach a settlement and resume production of the compact car. Meanwhile, on separate matters the brand has revealed its intention to halt production of its top-selling model between October 4 – 7 and December 19 – 22. The previous reports on the matter talked about losing some 15,000 units production during those days, but officials say the company decided on the stop to balance earlier over production – meaning there were too many Golfs during the first half and now it has big stocks to clear out.

The ‘production adjustments’ are apparent because of the higher than predicted completion rate as workers at the Wolfsburg factory continued to deliver Golf cars even during the classic summer shutdown in July. The Golf is up for a mid life-cycle refresh but continues to post impressive numbers – seventh-generation Golf sold in 261,776 units in the EU and EFTA markets during January – July 2016, if we’re to trust market research from JATO Dynamics.

Via Automotive News Europe