Volkswagen trying to wash dieselgate shame with eco-conscious models image

The German automaker has decided it may put behind it the worldwide Dieselgate scandal once it sets in motion the plans to bring to life 20 plug in hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

According to Volkswagen chief executive officer Matthias Müller, the company will make its move into the eco-friendly territory across its entire brand span by introducing around 20 electric or plug-in hybrid models by the turn of the decade. The executive spoke at a recent company reception in Brussels and mentioned the group will use the Dieselgate scandal to “fundamentally realign” its strategy with a renewed focus on sustainability. The event was frequented by a host of politicians and thus Muller has apparently used the speech to call upon companies and lawmakers to start collaborating to assist in the promotion of electric mobility. One major issue the electric cars have is the lack of a proper network of rapid charging stations. He said his belief was consumer confidence in electric mobility would only grow after seeing a well functioning infrastructure – meaning they would not fear being stranded because of a lack of recharging capabilities.

He also spoke about the importance of technology and how Europe needs to address this playing field that us the panache of Silicon Valley companies. He was pretty vague about coming up with specific proposals as he called for Europe to remain innovative and competitive in a “rapidly changing world.” He called for government and corporations to team up to make sure the continent remains a leader in electric mobility and autonomous driving technology.