Volkswagen Up! automatic was launched in the U.K. image

Volkswagen has recently announced that the Up! with an automatic transmission has been launched in the United Kingdom.

According to the German based automaker, the Volkswagen Up! automatic can already be ordered by its future customers in the United Kingdom for an extra 595 GBP added to the base price of the small urban vehicle. The automatic transmission for the Volkswagen Up! is available for both the three-door and the five-door versions of the model on the Move Up! and on the High Up! trims, excluding the BlueMotion package.

Volkswagen says that the Up!’s automatic transmission is named the ASG but this isn’t the same DSG twin-clutch gearbox adopted by other models within the company’s lineup, being a simple automated version of the five-speed manual which comes as standard on the small vehicle. The Volkswagen Up! equipped with an automatic transmission can be bought for an extra 595 GBP added to the base price of the model and the total weight of the car with the new gearbox is just 3 kg more.

No steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for changing gear have been fitted to the automatic Volkswagen Up! who said that the driver can make manual shift by simply pushing the gearlever up and down. The three-door version of the Move Up! with the ASG transmission can be bought from 9,675 pounds while the five-door version of the model costs 10,040 pounds. The top of the line High Up! three-door will set you back for 11,110 GBP and for the five-door version you will have to pay 11,475 GBP.