The German based automaker Volkswagen has started a real trend with its Up!, the Lupo replacement, and the so-called urban vehicle has been included into an “experiment”, where the model managed to fit 16 people in less than four meters and the same number of seats.

Volkswagen actually used its own employees and stuffed them into the new Up! for an unofficial world record attempt. Seven people were squeezed on the back seat, four on the front seats, two in the footwells under the dash, two in the trunk and one on the dash.

The record attempt doesn’t seem to be very impressive but considering that the Up! is one of the smallest four-seater vehicles out there, being only 3.54 meters long and 1.64 meters wide, 16 people fitting in it with room to spare does sound really interesting.

The rules for fitting a lot of people into a car are say that the doors and windows have to remain closed and no objects inside the vehicle can be taken out. The vehicle which will host a lot of people has to be standard and all the team members have to be at least 16 years old.

This isn’t the only thing and it seems that all the participants have to enter the car within ten minutes and the engine has to be started in the end to complete the competition. Guinness is demanding an 18 year old minimum age and people under 1.52m tall are banned.

Volkswagen is not trying this weird record for the first time and back in 2001, 27 Penn State Abington University students managed to fit inside a new Beetle, while 20 people squeezed themselves into a classic Beetle in 2010.


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