Volkswagen wants at least 20% market share and 4 million sales in China image

The German automaker is currently on a full-scale expansion in Mainland China, with Changchun, Xinjiang, Ningbo and Foshan plants all going into full operation one after another. This is all to reach the goal of selling 4 million vehicles in China by 2018.

For the first half of 2013 VW already reported selling more than 1.5 million cars in China, taking more than 20% market share of the overall passenger car segment. This market share will become the bottom line, as the company will adopt more market strategies to keep its advantage in the passenger auto segment.

According to Volkswagen statistics, it now holds 12.7% market share world wide, but in China, the figure is up from 20.2% to 20.6%. Also, from financial reports we found out the company increased its sales by 5.5% in the world market, but accounted for a spectacular 18.7% increase in the Chinese market.

According to the company plan, Volkswagen will achieve 4 million sales in China before 2018, and keep the 20% market share at least. And 2014 should be the very first year of Volkswagen’s hybrid autos coming to China. Li Ding, leader of R & D Volkswagen, expects hybrids to soon account for 3% of all Volkswagen models.