Volkswagen will stop buying other automakers image

Volkswagen has recently announced, through the voice of its CEO, Martin Winterkorn, that the company will stop buying other automakers.

After a busy year in which Volkswagen has acquired Porsche and Ducati under its “umbrella”, the company’s CEO, Martin Winterkorn, has recently announced that VW will stop buying other automakers and it will have to do with the 12 brands the group currently owns.

“We have enough to do at the moment in taking our twelve brands to where we want to be”, as the VW CEO told the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Martin Winterkorn has also spoken about the company’s future plans and he said that Volkswagen should grow in Southeast Asia, but, knowing that this statement will lead to rumors saying that Volkswagen will try to acquire brands like Malaysia’s Proton, the official dismissed these “actions”.

“We need to grow in Southeast Asia. But that doesn’t mean that we will buy Malaysia’s Proton, like some are speculating”, added Martin Winterkorn.

The Volkswagen CEO has also spoken about rumors which are saying that Volkswagen is interested in buying Alfa Romeo and he said that Alfa is an interesting brand but the group has more important things to do.

Source: Bloomberg