Volkswagen XL1 limited production planned image

The German based automaker Volkswagen is planning to develop a limited production of the XL1 concept which should make its way onto the market in 2013.

After talking about the new generation of the Volkswagen Phaeton, the company’s board member, Ulrich Hackenberg, has confirmed a small production run of the Volkswagen XL1 concept which will make its way onto the market sometimes next year. According to the company’s official, the XL1 will be followed by a plug-in hybrid version of the new Golf, along with an even more fuel efficient version of the model, the BlueMotion, with the new three-cylinder engine.

As a small reminder, the Volkswagen XL1 concept car managed to burn only 0.9 liters of fuel every 100 km in an average cycle thanks to its two-cylinder inline TDI diesel engine, helped on the way by an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. The diesel burner is developing 48 horsepower on the concept and the electric motor is generating 27 HP. The hybrid powertrain is being mated to a seven-speed DSG transmission and the model has a 35 km range in full electric mode. When the TDI engine will start “spinning”, the XL1 Concept will be emitting just 24 g/km of CO2. The final production version will probably come as a plug-in hybrid and will benefit from the regenerative braking system technology.

Source: What Car