Vw unveiled the XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) today at the Qatar Motor Show. Originally the brainchild of Ferdinand Piech, the VW L1 was the 2002 vision for a green car that supped just one litre of fuel per 100 kilometres.

For 2011 Vw is back with a similar idea. INtresging is the place where the prototype was unveiled – Qatar – a place full of oil…
Vw XL1 measures 3, 888 mm in length, 1,665 mm in width and 1,156 mm in height and has a 2,224 mm wheelbase. The car is relying on new carbon fiber and aerodynamic developments to bring fuel economy below the targeted 1.0 liter per 100 kilometer mark, which is equivalent to 235 mpg.
Powering the XL1 is a compact 800 cc TDI two-cylinder common rail diesel engine developing 48 PS. This little TDI is linked to an electric motor anda seven-speed DSG gearbox with an automatic clutch mounted between each unit.


In pure electric mode the XL1 can travel up to 35 km before the diesel engine cuts in. Accelerating from rest to 62 mph can be achieved in 11.9 seconds; the electronically limited top speed is 99 mph. Unlike the L1 concept, which was front-wheel drive, the XL1 has a rear-mounted engine and rear-drive.





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  2. I really want to have one. It's time to start thinking in what's really important, you don't need a huge car or truck just to take you to your work place.


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