Volkswagen XL2 rendered image

The first renderings with the so-called Volkswagen XL2 have recently ended up onto the web, providing us with what could very well be a first look into the upcoming production model.

After the success of the Volkswagen XL1, despite its extremely expensive price, the German based automaker Volkswagen is currently considering the development of a four-seat version of the model, which will be called the XL2. The announcement hasn’t been made official but according to a report published a couple of weeks ago, the model in question should be pretty close to being developed, tested and put into production, or a limited production at least.

The new Volkswagen XL2 is believed to weigh 140 kg more than the current XL1 because of the two added doors, to the larger battery and to the extended center cell. The vehicle should be getting a bump in power too, compared to its two-door brother, but the same engine will be used, the 800cc twin-cylinder with 48 HP. The extra power will not be felt because it will be added in order to cope with the more weight of the vehicle. The XL1 was famous for burning 0.9L of fuel every 100 km (313 mpg UK / 261 mpg US) and the XL2 will have similar performance.

Image Source: Theophilus Chin