During the first quarter German automaker Volkswagen Ag sold 2.40 million vehicles, up 5.8% compared to the same period last year.

Sales in March increased 7.6% to 929,000 units. The group’s brands sold 958,600 units in Europe in the first quarter, up 8.7% from 881,600 sold in 2013 in the same period. In Germany, its home market, the group delivered 282,800 units, up 7.9% and 159,200 vehicles have been sold in the Central and eastern Europe, up 12.0%. Sales inRussiadropped 2.1% to 65,900 units.

In North America the automaker has seen a drop of 4.1% to 197,300 units, from which 133,500 (down 6.5%) sold in theUS. Sales in South America fell 23.1% to 168,600 units, from which 127,700 (down 20.5%) being sold inBrazil.

Asia-Pacific region has brought positive results with 978,700 units sold here, up 13.7%, from which 880,700 (up 14.5%) being sold in China, the automaker’s largest market. Sales in India dropped 30.4% to 18,100 vehicles.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars sold 1.48 million vehicles globally, up 3.9%, with positive results in the Asia-Pacific region, with 740,100 units, up 13.3%. The European market also brought an increase of 6.6% to 422,300 vehicles, from which 133,100 units delivered inGermany, up 5.3%.

Audi sold 412,800 units globally, up 11.7%, with impressive results in the Asia-Pacific region, with 150,700 units, up 21.3%. Sales inNorth Americasaw an increase of 3.9% to 42,700 units.

Porsche delivered 38,700 vehicles globally, up 4.5%, with high demand in the Asia-Pacific region, up 13.5% to 13,200 units. Sales in North America were also up 5.3% to 11,100 units as more customers purchased a new model.

Skoda also increased 12.1% units in the first quarter, with a total of 247,200 units sold. Sales in Central and Western Europe were up 18.6% to 63,900 units, while sales in Western Europe (without Germany) increased by 19.1% to 69,600 vehicles.

SEAT sold 93,400 units globally, up 7.3%, with unexpected results in Germany where sales rose 14.8% to 19,000 units and the UK, up 21.0% to 13,900 vehicles. But the highest increase was seen in Central and Eastern Europe, up 85.6% to 5,700 units, from 3,100 last year.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 120,900 units, down 2.3%, from which 76,200 units (up 8.5%) have been delivered in the European market. Asia-Pacific region brought an increase of 20.1% to 5,300 units, from 4,400 last year.


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