Volkswagen’s supervisory board adds another labor representative – Porsche’s image

The biggest carmaker in Europe and the second largest automaker in the world, Germany’s Volkswagen AG, is reestablishing its management positions amid the fallout from the recent top executive clash.

Porsche’s labor chief, who was once against the merger of the sports carmaker with Volkswagen, has been granted a supervisory board position at the latter. Uwe Hueck, deputy chairman of the Porsche brand, will join VW AG’s 20-member panel in place of Juergen Dorn, the former top labor representative at truck maker MAN SE. The latter decided last month to vacate his position as he embraced a management role at VW. “This step will further the integration (with Porsche) within the VW group,” commented VW works council chief Bernd Osterloh. “Uwe Hueck has become a strong and reliable partner for us.” The two labor managers were actually at odds just six years ago as Porsche tried and failed to take over the larger Volkswagen AG. Back then Hueck supported Porsche’s idea of securing takeover rights for the Wolfsburg-based group and was against a merger from equal positions. But the Porsche financing scheme then unraveled and the cash-strapped automaker became available for Volkswagen to absorb it.

Hueck, a 53-year-old, has been working for Porsche since 1985 and is the third new member of the Volkswagen supervisory board since the fallout between former chairman and patriarch Ferdinand Piech and chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn. The former was forced to quit his position and vacated his roles, alongside his wife, from the management board.

Via Reuters