Volvo and Mitsubishi prepare special features for the solar eclipse image

If you live in the United States better prepare for the first total eclipse in the country in the past 99 years – not necessarily in the same way Volvo and Mitsubishi have.

The phenomenon will see the moon pass between the earth and sun in an alignment astronomers call a “syzygy” – and the signature corona will be visible for two or three minutes across a 70-mile-wide “path of totality” from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. And because a total solar eclipse is best experienced live there are some options for the road trip. First off – do not look directly into the sun – use special equipment. For example the all-new XC60’s world’s first panoramic moonroof eclipse viewer, designed by Volvo. It’s actually a special film that goes over the sunroof and protects your eyes, with the opportunity to lay back in your brand-new Volvo SUV and gaze at the astronomical wonder.

Mitsubishis is also ready to catch up this rare marketing opportunity – during the day of the total eclipse the Japanese carmaker is offering a livestream broadcast of their new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in Salem, Oregon, just as the moon temporarily blinds the sun in the sky. The company wants to capture shots of both the natural and man-made Eclipse. The Eclipse Cross revives the iconic nameplate, but it’s now a crossover joining the range in between the Outlander and Outlander Sport.

Volvo and Mitsubishi prepare special features for the solar eclipse 0