Volvo and Siemens will make electric vehicles image

Saving the planet by reducing the CO2 emissions or even cutting them down is every automaker’s plan for the future and the latest partnership was signed between Volvo and Siemens, the two companies agreeing to produce electric vehicles.

The Swedish automaker says that the first eco-friendly model resulted from the partnership with Siemens will enter in a test phase by the end of this year, and once this is completed, Volvo will deliver 200 C30 BEV units to Siemens’ engineers for testing in real-life conditions.

The C30 BEV model shares the same production line as its brother powered by an internal combustion engine, being than moved to Gotheburg where batteries, electric motor and systems will be mounted where the fuel tank was and in a special compartment in the central tunnel, but the interior of the C30 will remain unchanged, offering a 251 liter volume.

Volvo is also preparing three prototypes of electric vehicles with extended autonomy which are scheduled to be tested early next year, powered by Flex-Fuel engines which can run on either petrol or E85, with three cylinders.