The Swedish automaker Volvo has announced that the start / stop system will be introduced to the D3 powered (2.0 liters and 163 HP with 400 Nm) versions of the S60, V60, V70 and S80 models, along with a new automatic transmission, which should automatically start the engine when the driver moves his right foot from the brake pedal to the gas, using a break pressure measurement to figure out when to stop and start the engine.

“We have focused on achieving the same agile feeling as you get with today’s conventional automatic. The response is so seamless that it feels like the car start accelerating immediately when the engine restarts”, says the Volvo Car Corporation senior vice president, Peter Mertens.

According to the car manufacturer, the new automatic transmission and the start / stop system will improve fuel consumption and will also reduce the CO2 emissions for the S60 to 5.4L/100km and 142g/km of CO2, for the V60 and V70 to 5.7L/100km and 149g/km CO2 while the S80 is burning 5.6L/100km while emitting CO2 of 148g/km.


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