Volvo April Truck Sales Down 2% image

Volvo sales dropped 2% to 16, 572 vehicles in April, compared with the same month last year.

Sales in Europe dropped 7% to 6,334 vehicles, from 6,777 units in April 2012, North America was down 10% to 4,237 vehicles from 4,712 units, South America increased 54% to 2,511 units from 1,631 units and Asia fell 12% to 2,121 units from 2,414 units.

Volvo sold 9,562 trucks in April, up 13% from April last year, 3,568 Renault trucks were sold, down 13%, Mack vehicles sold 2,096 units, down 19%, UD Trucks’ sales fell 22% to 1,346 units and Eicher trucks fell 16% to 2,741 units.

Still, the 16,572 units sold in April surpassed analysts’ estimates of 15,695 units. The automaker managed to reach the first order growth in the past six quarters, during the first three months of the year. CEO Olof Persson said that demand for trucks is good for the first weeks of the second quarter and that the automaker is gradually increasing production in Europe.

Earlier this month Volvo began production the first engines of the highly efficient four-cylinder engine family. They represent a part of utmost importance for the automaker’s independence strategy. The future Volvo vehicles will also be fitted with the four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and driveline electrification.

Source: Fox Business