Volvo Buses delivers 688 bus chassis to Bogota city image

Volvo Bus Latin America has recently sold 688 bus chassis to the capital of Colombia Bogota, the largest deal ever for the company in the country.

Under the agreement, Volvo Bus will provide 500 chassis for conventional buses, as well as 48 articulated and 97 biarticulated buses. The new buses will be used for the third phase expansion of Transmilenio in Bogota, the most efficient and advanced Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. BRT stands for high-capacity bus-based urban transportation systems, which constitute a cost efficient alternative to rail transport systems.

“This deal reaffirms Volvo’s position as main supplier of BRT solutions in Latin America, in particular as a function of the high transportation capacity of our chassis and their low operating costs”, said Luis Pimenta, president of Volvo Bus Latin America. He added that the new buses will contribute decisively for the improvement of the quality of life in Bogota, as they are meant to replace the 16,000 passenger transportation vans which are congesting the streets of the capital.

“Gradually removing this huge small capacity vehicle fleet reduces the number of traffic accidents and contributes significantly towards improving the quality of the air”, said Euclides Castro, urban bus manager at Volvo Bus Latin America.