Volvo C70 Inscription starts at $40.450 image

The Swedish based automaker Volvo has recently announced the price for its C70 Inscription, which is starting at 40.450 USD.

According to the car manufacturer, the Volvo C70 Inscription, presented earlier this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, will finally hit the dealerships in the United States and its official base price has been set at 40.450 USD, while the added will cost you an extra 3.900 USD. Volvo says that its latest creation, the C70 Inscription, will hit the United States dealerships in the first quarter of next year with a choice of three engines and with three exterior colors.

“The C70 is a true icon in our model range. The Inscription is based on our human-centric Designed Around You philosophy, offering those who love convertibles and coupes a beautifully detailed version with a lot of kerb appeal”, said the sales and customer service vice president marketing, Doug Speck.

As a reminder, the Volvo V70 Inscription will be coming with three engine options, the 230 HP turbocharged five-cylinder T5 and two turbodiesels with 177 horsepower (D4) and 150 horsepower (D3). The model will be available in a three-color choice, Black Stone, Black Sapphire and Ice White, along with 18 inch alloy wheels, high-gloss paint on the grille and LED Daytime Running Lights.